Sigma Acoustics M 8

Sigma Acoustics M 8


The sound is neutral with warm voices while the sounds are very alive and blended to form a pout-pourry full of color contrasts.

Extensive, dynamic and engaging are the first sensations that can be perceived from these M8 Towers that join the T15 bestsellers to improve their performances.

Easy to control and interface in the environment, they love quality amplifications both in solid state and in valves, even of low power (20Watts).

The combination of sounds among the drivers used in the new M8 is centered on the synergy between the low mass woofer, therefore speed and readiness and extension in the transients,

which is combined with the naturalness and definition of the new soft dome tweeter.The tw dome in soft silk is a masterpiece of technique and research aimed at sound and is built to guarantee the best performances with the 6db crossover per octave.

II Woofer is a 16 cm with a polypropylene sandwich with a powerful 75 mm coil. in the mid-range it is ultra-light, ready and quick to return even the most complex transients with ease, and it perfectly matches the tw

the crossover, hidden in the air, is 6 db per octave. Born on the chosen drivers and said they are chosen for the type of cross.

The cross is in fact intended by Extreme Audio as an active component of the sound and not as a divider or speaker protection.

Once again the type of slope of the first order has been chosen in order not to disperse the harmonic content of the sound and avoid the harmful phase rotations.

It is the pulsating electric heart of the M8 system that interposes itself between the "command" amplifier and the "performers" or "drivers" of movement that create sound through their membranes.

Phase, impedance curves, frequency response, are harmonized looking for the sole pleasure of listening, analyzing both the sound and the behaviors to the test pulses simultaneously

(thanks to the SC3 analysis system created at the beginning of Extreme Audio) which allows us to select and understand what is music and what is distortion and annoyance.

Each component is chosen and selected to be the best in that utility and work space.

They are built by hand in pairs for each pair of speakers with selected Hi-end quality components.

Prepared for bi-wiring and bi-amplification.


Thanks to the large-sized moving reel, it guarantees dynamic and downward extension down to the deepest bass with articulation and strength far beyond what one would expect from a small-sized tower diffuser giving engaging dynamics to the music.


  • 2 way: mid –  bass 19 cm. woofer in egyptian paper neodymium magnet bess reflex floor port,
    high frequency AMT Heil tweeter with TOE adjustable for a perfect dispersion dipolar
  • sens. 88 dB 8 Ohm
  • freq. rep. 32 – 30000 Hz
  • power suggested from 25 watts to 150 watts;
  • dimension 22 cm. x 22 cm x 117
  • weight 23 kg each one.

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