PerfectWave DAC II | PS Audio

PerfectWave DAC II | PS Audio

Price: 2.200,002.200,00 €
Product Code: PerfectWave DAC II | PS Audio

9/10 condition box,manual,remote include and with Bridge board


The PerfectWave MKII is a remarkable DAC that makes high-end music real. One of the best DACs ever made, the PWD accesses high-resolution digital audio data, CD transports and players, computers, home networks, or the Internet and converts the data to musically natural sounding analog audio, expertly recreating the sound of music on your discs and computer.

The MKII transcends the limitations of traditional PCM digital to analog converters by providing uncompromised performance for any media delivery or storage system possible. Take one home and find out what all the talk’s about.

  • Asynchronous USB 192kHz input
  • Native and Native X mode
  • Digital Lens
  • Integrated volume + balance control
  • High voltage class A discrete output stage
  • 7 asynchronous digital inputs
  • Network media DAC capable
  • Color touch screen with album cover art
  • Fixed low jitter PerfectWave clocks


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